Cheese and Corn Flan

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Cheese and Corn Flan

Being a Latino living in the US, I have the great advantage of incorporating different flavors to a traditional Holiday dinner. Hanukkah recipes in my home always have an interesting twist.

This corn and cheese flan is an amazing dessert with unique flavors. It is both sweet with some salty undertones brought to you by the combination of Cacique® Ranchero® and Asadero Cheeses. Both have a mild and smooth flavor that is easy to grate and blends perfectly with caramel and corn. Plus this recipe is Gluten Free.

Cheese flan

In Venezuela, cheesecake is not made with cream cheese. It is made with real salty grated cheese. I decided to combine a classical cheesecake with a flan. The result is a smooth and creamy dessert that is bursting with flavor.

Best of all, you don’t need to be an experienced cook to make this corn and cheese flan. Simply place all ingredients in the blender, pour in the cake mold and bake. I generally recommend this cake to chill for a minimum of 6 hours before unmolding. This allows the cake to set properly.

So make something other than the regular ol’ boring Holiday desserts. Who would have thought that yummy Cacique® cheeses could make a wonderful gluten free cake?

cheese flan 2

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