Cool and Creamy Picnic Treats: Black-n-Blue Cheesecake Paletas

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Cool and Creamy Picnic Treats: Black-n-Blue Cheesecake Paletas

Now that the days are longer, we have time to enjoy the outdoors a few hours more. The warm spring days are finally arriving to Southern California and I itch at the opportunity to start making cool desserts for my family.

With our favorite park just a few steps away and the beach just a mile away from our front door, we pack for our weekly warm weather picnic. From tortas to pitas, we come prepared for an afternoon of basking in the sun with colorful playgrounds, sand castles and sunblock.

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To keep cool, I prepare paletas a few days ahead. I shop for the freshest fruit of the season and create sweet and creamy meal-ending ice treats for us to enjoy as the sun begins to set and the breeze begins to cool. I usually prepare water base ingredients but this time, my son requested something sweet, creamy and purple!

I put my thinking cap on and came up with these fun Black-n-Blue Cheesecake Paletas. With the help of Cacique’s Crema Mexicana Agria, I was able to come up with the perfect recipe to fulfill my 5 year-old’s request.


These marble-like decadent treats with cookie crusts are not only fun but very elegant. The flavors are perfectly sweet with just the right amount of cream and cookie crust crumbles.

Using Cacique’s variety of Cremas has opened up an entire world full of frozen dessert possibilities. Summer is near and my ice cream-making skills will be put to the test when I try my hand at creating smooth and creamy ice cream flavors. Give these frozen pops a try and combine them with your favorite fruit. The recipe is simple and the results will make you the most popular paleta vendor in your family.