Posada Gelatina

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Posada Gelatina

Gelatinas are always a welcomed treat in my culture. Anytime there is a gathering of family or friends there is bound to be a gelatina following close behind. It always makes it’s grand entrance into the fiesta or sits proud on the dessert table waiting to be cut so it could wiggle and jiggle from plate to mouth. The posadas (from Dec. 16th to Dec 24th) are no exception when it comes to the gelatina rule. In addition to the piñata, buñuelos, ponche, aguinaldos, and tamales…There must be a posada gelatina to make the celebration complete.

IMG_7600I make my posada gelatina with Cacique’s Crema Mexicana to make sure I get an extra creamy texture. I also use the best secret weapon in town, Cacique’s Yogurt Smoothie in Piña Colada flavor for an unexpected burst of flavor that cannot be achieved with gelatin powder alone. Not only does this gelatina taste amazing, it also looks beautiful representing the colors of Mexico and Navidad all at the same time!


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