Rice And Sweet Potato Tacos

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Rice And Sweet Potato Tacos

There is something very comforting about rice and there is something very comforting about sweet potato. Add them both to tacos and you have a fantastic comfort food recipe. It is so easy to put together and can be made anytime. It is my philosophy that good comfort food is something that requires few ingredients and can be made anytime.

Comfort food that takes only a few ingredients and comes together easily is a perennial favorite in our home. Sweet potatoes and rice can always be found in our pantry and cheese is always sitting pretty in the fridge. It won’t surprise me if you have the same ingredients in your kitchen on any given day. So, I thought it would be great to have a quick taco recipe with ingredients easily found in anyone’s kitchen.

A few years ago, we started a tradition of Taco Tuesday! Since we are huge fans of Latin cuisine, we thought it was only natural to have one day dedicated to tacos. It turned out to be the best idea ever! We have tried all kinds of ingredients in a taco. Our favorite taco recipe was curried tofu and fajitas. It was absolutely delicious!

This taco recipe calls for black beans, taco seasoning, brown rice, sweet potatoes and salsa. Those are the 5 ingredients in the tacos that I had. I also had some green bell pepper lying around, so, I added that too. If you have other ingredients like onions, scallions, jalapeno, tomatoes and any other delicious item, throw it in there too. It will only enhance the taste of the tacos.

The one unique item I added to this recipe was Horchata. It is a delicious rice drink that is so good for the body. It doesn’t dry out the rice after the cooking process and adds a little cinnamon aroma to the recipe.

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