Chile Poblano and Creamy Corn Soup

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Chile Poblano and Creamy Corn Soup

The Day of the Dead is November 1 and since I want to honor my mom, I decided to prepare her favorite dish, a Chile Poblano Cream Soup made with roasted poblano peppers, sweet corn and the authentic flavors of Cacique® Queso Fresco and Cacique® Crema Mexicana.

In Mexican culture, we aren’t afraid of death. We celebrate it to honor our beloved ones with a party and a feast. The Día de Muertos tradition is an example of that as it celebrates those souls that have passed. A day before the celebration the women in the family will cook the dishes that were the fa-vorite meals of the deceased to honor them.

The entire family will set up an altar in the main entrance of the house, decorate it with cempasúchil flowers, sugar skulls, papel picado, candles and bread. On this altar is where the offering of the food is placed. It is believed that the souls will come at night and will eat the food offered. The following day the entire family will reunite around the altar and will enjoy the food that was left over.

I love to share my culture and Mexican traditions with my family here in the United States. For that reason we set up the altar to honor our beloved ones that have passed. This year will include my mom’s favorite: Chile Poblano Cream Soup. Learn how to make this soup. It is very easy to prepare and so creamy. I particularly like to use Cacique® products since those provide the authentic flavor I am looking for when cooking my Mexican cuisine favorites.

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