Chorizo Burgers with Quesadilla Cheese and Crema Chili Sauce

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Chorizo Burgers with Quesadilla Cheese and Crema Chili Sauce

“Father’s Day” and “grilling” go pretty much hand in hand in my house. This year, we’ll be celebrating my husband’s 22nd year as a father and since it’s his day, he gets to choose what’s on the menu!

This year it’s going to be these Chorizo Sliders with Crema Chili Sauce – and if you knew my husband, this would probably surprise you. Although he’s an adventuresome eater, when it comes to burgers he doesn’t stray too far from the classics – a good bun, a patty that’s not too big or too little, lettuce, tomato, cheese and…thousand island dressing.So, when I decided to play with Cacique’s Beef Chorizo, Queso Quesadilla Cheese and their Ranchero® Crema Con Sal I wondered how that “experiment” would play out. Given my husband’s reaction, I would count it a success!

He loved the addition of the chorizo to the meat patty since it provided just the right amount of spice and enough fat to make the burger patties really juicy. As for cheese, to be honest, I’ve never been a fan of American or Cheddar on a burger. American is too thin and watery to my taste and cheddar is too strong. But Cacique’s Queso Quesadilla cheese? Now that was “just right”. Designed for quesadilla’s this cheese has wonderful melting qualities with just enough cheese flavor to really compliment the meat – and is my new, favorite burger cheese! For the finishing touch, I combined Cacique’s Ranchero® Crema Con Sal with my favorite hot sauce for a creamier and spicier version of Thousand Island – and I think this will now be my husband’s standard!

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