Thanksgiving Empanadas

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Thanksgiving Empanadas

Empanadas are my ultimate favorite way of putting together ingredients I love in just one pocket. They are so versatile and allow us to create any combination we can dream. From sweet fillings, to savory ones, or even a combination of both, like this empanada recipe that combines popular Thanksgiving flavors like cranberry and turkey. It is such a great way to use leftovers and make something different the day after Thanksgiving. I absolutely love this combination and encourage you to try it.


As much as I love turkey and cranberry together thou, I have to admit that the best part of this empanada is the cheese. My mouth is just watering by imagining all the gooey melted cheese inside of this empanada. I added a thin later of cranberry topped with some shredded turkey and a big mound of cheese. I always find a way to add extra cheese to any recipe.


Once you have your filling ready, seal the empanada and you’ll be so close of enjoying heavenly crispy bites that taste delicious. Fry them in hot oil or bake them if you’d prefer.


Keep in mind that using great quality cheese that melts beautifully like the Cacique® Manchego cheese is very important.

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