Strawberry Mango Yogurt Carlota (No Bake Dessert)

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    5 Mins
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Strawberry Mango Yogurt Carlota (No Bake Dessert)

For any special occasion, a Carlota (or Charlotte Russe) is a dessert that will impress your guests. It’s beautiful to look at, is refreshing and delicious, and is perfect for all summer gatherings.

I grew up eating it, my mother used to make it with cream, this version is less heavy thanks to the Cacique® yogurt smoothies. You can use any flavor of yogurt you wish, but try to match it to the fruit on top, so the flavors complement each other.

Also remember to chop the fruit in pieces that make cutting the cake easy, and always keep it refrigerated.

For the outside, use lady fingers cookies, you can find them in the Latino or International isle, I see them in the Italian section a lot because they are also used to make tiramisu.

I hope you enjoy this traditional Latino dessert, I love having some No Bake dessert alternatives for the hot summer days.

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