Game Night with Cacique Queso Dips

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    Serves 4-6
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Game Night with Cacique Queso Dips

If you’ve been stressed about throwing together a delicious Game Night party, I’m here to tell you to stress no more. Cacique® has you covered. Whether you’re throwing together a huge party or a small shindig, the kitchen-panic is a thing of the past thanks to Cacique’s luscious, new Jalapeño Queso!

If you’ve never heard of Cacique, it’s quite possible you’ve been living under arock. They’re a leading brand of authentic Hispanic foods including Mexican cheeses, yogurts, creams and chorizos. And that’s in addition to their newest products like Homestyle Salsas and, of course, the Mexican-Style Queso Dip that’s the star of my game night get together.

The best part? All you need is a microwave, a few bags of your favorite tortilla chips, maybe some pork rinds or crunchy veggies and voila — you’ve got hot, creamy, authentic Mexican Queso and the perfect little utensils to scoop it all up. You can get really creative with these quesos, adding in some cremas, cilantro, onions, etc. Lay out a spread so that your guests can customize each bite.

They offer so many products, but I am really loving this queso. The first ingredient is Queso Fresco blended with other fresh, high-quality ingredients and no artificial preservatives so you know it’s good! My favorite right now is definitely the jalapeño, but it also comes in Queso Blanco, Southwestern and Chipotle. Whether it’s the queso dip or any of Cacique’s other authentic products, it’s really hard to stop at just one — so I highly recommend you grab as many as you can when throwing together your next party.