If this table could speak, the stories it could tell. Centered at the heart of the home, it’s a sacred place where families plan adventures, craft dreams, study for mid-terms, and learn to use crayons to color their imaginations.

Generations-old traditions are taught here. Grandma’s treasured recipes shared with family and friends. At the table, the warm aroma fills the air while bursts of laughter call you closer. From joys to sorrow, the kitchen table bears the patina of the fullness of life.

Cacique® is honored and humbled to be invited to join you here.


Our consumers are our family, and we are honored to be invited to their table every time a Cacique® product is used in a meal. We also respect and care for each of our employees and retail partners by showing humility and listening to their needs.


We actively practice the Golden Rule: The customer is always right. Every member of the Cacique® family is held accountable to that rule by doing the right thing for the community and challenging ourselves to keep our commitments.


Our mission is to give our consumers the best-in-class products each and every time they choose to invite Cacique® into their homes.


We are committed to providing our consumers with experiences rooted in our heritage and traditions. We strive to create and maintain connections to the past as we move toward the future.