Candy Corn Pizza

    5 Min
    30 Min
    Serves 8
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Candy Corn Pizza

Just like I did as a child, my boys love classic candy corn. Since it’s the Halloween season, I thought it would be fun to surprise them with this candy corn-inspired snack pizza after school. It’s perfect right now as the days are getting shorter, the afternoons cooler, and a warmer snack is just right for them.

To make the pizzas was easy.

First, by using burrito size flour tortillas, instead of pizza dough, it saved me a lot of time and effort. Next, I played with different cheeses and chorizo to recreate the classic colors of candy corn- white, orange and yellow. The Oaxaca cheese was perfect, because it melts so easily to a creamy white, and the Quesadilla cheese has a nice, yellow color, perfect for the outer circle. For the orange middle section, I made two different versions. In the first, I just used a teaspoon of beef chorizo, which created a spicy pizza. My husband and my older son loved it. For the second version, I mixed a little bit of chorizo with a little bit of sweet potato puree. This gave the pizza a deeper orange color, closer to candy corn, and was less spicy for my younger son. Everybody was happy.

Try them out!

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