Enchiladas Mineras with Garlic Crema

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Enchiladas Mineras with Garlic Crema

Meatless Monday just got a bit of a Latin twist with these easy enchiladas mineras. Enchiladas min-eras are vegetarian enchiladas stuffed with seasoned carrots and potatoes. The veggies are held together by creamy Cacique® Oaxaca cheese.

What makes an enchilada an enchilada is the spicy sauce the tortillas are dipped and fried in. This guajillo sauce is savory and the perfect match for the stuffing and a great balance to the garlic sauce made with Ranchero® Crema con Sal. I can’t think of a better way to complete this dish.

Because Ranchero® Crema con Sal is already well seasoned, all you have to do is blend it well with garlic cloves to create the simplest flavored crema. It’s the perfect way to tame the heat of guajillo sauce and adds one more layer of deliciousness. Taking any traditional enchilada dish to the next level.

Dia de Los Muertos is around the corner and enchiladas mineras will be on our Muertos feast menu. It combines the great authentic flavors of our culture and it’s guaranteed to please every member of your family as you honor your loved ones that have passed.

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