Red, White, and Blue Queso Fresco Sweet Tart

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Red, White, and Blue Queso Fresco Sweet Tart

Add a delicious Red White and Blue Cacique® Queso Fresco Tart to your table this Fourth of July and celebrate with family and friends.

I’ve always loved this holiday because it was summertime and that meant being outside running around in the water and at night lighting fireworks. My entire extended family would always go to my parents’ home to celebrate Fourth of July. Their cities didn’t allow them to have fireworks. Ours did. We’d have more than 50 people in our front yard lined up with lawn chairs, blankets and kids running amuck up and down the street lighting their fireworks. Those were the best of times.

It was also the one time of year when my mom would get up on a ladder in the garage and bring down her vintage hand crank ice cream maker. Me and all of my primas and primos would line up to take a turn cranking that wooden barrel watching intently as the eggs, cream and ice transformed into a soft, velvety vanilla ice cream.


Now as I am older, it’s the dessert table at our family gathering that still holds my attention. With a large family though, we need desserts that everyone can enjoy.

The Red White and Blue Cacique® Queso Fresco Tart is easy to make and will leave you’re your friends and family asking for more. The cheese has just a kiss of saltiness that adds a wonderful flavor to the sweetness of sugar and the fresh fruit. You can make this as a tart, or turn the ingredients into an empanada or even bake with phyllo dough.

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