Coconut Horchata Rum Punch

    45 Mins
    10 Mins
    Serves 12
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Coconut Horchata Rum Punch

Every holiday season, our family gets together to celebrate our annual Posada. Las Posadas are a beautiful Mexican Christmas tradition that takes place from December 16th until Christmas Eve with a huge Noche Buena dinner.

The celebration lasts 9 days and is a reenactment of the Mary and Joseph’s journey to find shelter at an inn in Bethlehem to birth baby Jesus. Each night, families visit a different house in a candle-lit procession, dressed as pilgrims and singing the traditional song, Pidiendo Posada until they reach the final house on the last night of Las Posadas. The final house is where the Noche Buena dinner will take place on the final day of Las Posadas, Christmas Eve. It is considered a huge honor to how the community or family Noche Buena celebration, where everyone celebrates with a traditional feast, Christmas songs and even a live mariachi band.

The hosting house is often adorned with twinkle lights, wreaths, poinsettias and decorated tables covered in some of the most amazing holiday foods, like tamales, mole, pozole, atole, champurrado, rompope, polvorones, pan de polvo and ponche navideño. Stockings or gift bags are laid out and stuffed with oranges, candy canes, nuts and other dulces for the little ones.

Las Posadas are a truly magical time of year, and as a special treat, I want to share with you one of my favorite holiday drinks, made with fresh cinnamon, toasted coconut and a delicious dark rum. My Coconut Horchata Rum Punch is the perfect refreshing drink to share with your guests on the night of Las Posadas. It’s rich, creamy and oh so good! If you’re new to horchata, it’s a dreamy Mexican drink usually made with rice. The base of my punch is rice milk, made richer and creamier with the help of Cacique’s Crema Mexicana, which brings a wonderful depth of flavor to this cocktail. I like to keep my fridge stocked with Cacique products to make holiday entertaining a breeze.

Try toasting your flaked coconut in the oven. Toasting in the oven gives the coconut a rich, nutty flavor that really makes this drink amazing. And you can make your bake your coconut in big batches and use throughout the holidays for baking. Garnished with toasted coconut shavings and aromatic cinnamon sticks, this drink packs a punch of flavor. Serve this drink at your next holiday party, Posada or anytime!