Cacique Merch Recommendation Quiz

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We recently released a new collection of authentic Cacique merchandise!

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Or, if you're still not sure which of these amazing items you want the most, take our personality quiz below and we'll recommend the perfect piece of Cacique merch based on your responses.


What’s your perfect Taco Tuesday plate?

When you go out to eat, you prefer…

What’s your favorite way to enjoy fun in the sun?

Which is your favorite holiday meal?

If you could only have one dip for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Merch Quiz
A Cacique Water Bottle!

We know you like to be out and about, so we recommend one of these steel water bottles to keep your favorite drinks nice and cold when you’re on the go.
A Cacique Ballcap!

You’re someone who likes to get out and have fun. That’s why we recommend one of these QUE-SO ballcaps to keep you looking QUE-SO stylish anywhere you go.
An Authentic Cacique T-Shirt

You have a unique personality, just like us. So we thought one of our stylish, eye-catching Cacique T-Shirts were a perfect fit. (And, yes, the pun is intended).
An Authentic Cacique Hoodie!

You don’t need much to make you happy, just a cozy place to relax and some company. So we recommend one of our Cacique Hoodies to make sure you can bring a little coziness with you anywhere you go.