Bean Cheese and Potato Tamales with Roasted Poblano Salsa

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Bean Cheese and Potato Tamales with Roasted Poblano Salsa

You know the holidays have arrived in our home when you smell of a fresh pot of tamales steaming. A Latin holiday tradition tamales are served from the first of December until the after the arrival of the three wise men. My family comes together each year to celebrate our annual tamalada and make dozen after dozen of delicious tamales in various fillings. Pork with red chile, beef with tomatillo, turkey poblano and bean and cheese. Huge bowls of masa are placed on the table, colanders filled with soaked corn husks, bowls of spicy fillings, spoons and load of kitchen towels all ready for a day of making tamales, catching up with the latest family chisme, laughing and a few cocktails makes this laborious job fun.

A few weeks ago we held our annual tamalada and I cannot remember the last time I laughed so much. At one time I had three tamale pots simmering away on the stove and another single burner on my kitchen island warming a pot of pozole to feed my guests. Everyone one gets involved down to the smallest of bunch, who spreads more masa on the table than the actual husk, but we could care less.

Sharing this tasty tradition down to our children is all we focus on. The mess can always be wiped away. When Cacique® contacted me and asked if I wanted to try their new line of shredded cheese blends I knew I had to share one of my favorite recipes with a twist. My mami’s famous bean and cheese tamales featuring cacique four queso blend along with a slice of potato. I decided to add the potato after making/devouring Nicole from Presley’s Pantry tamale recipe. The potato steams as the tamales cooks and adds another layer of goodness to the tamales. And of course you cannot enjoy tamales without a great salsa, so I decided to make a roasted poblano salsa to drizzle over my plate of tamales.

The salsa can be made a few days in advance. Store in the fridge until you are ready to serve your tamales. Keep an eye out for Cacique® new shredded cheese blends. Made with 100% authentic cheese, visit Cacique® for a location near you that carries the new Cacique® shredded blends visit

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