Summer Snacks

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Summer Snacks

Summer’s Better with Food Made for Fun

We’ve got three festive snack ideas to make every pool party, BBQ, and summertime hang feel extra this year. Imagine a table full of mouthwatering goodies like savory Panela Cheese Fries, refreshing Elote Cups, and tons of chips with our zesty Queso Dips and fresh Homestyle Salsas 🤤 We did! So round up your family and friends and bring on the summer with these outdoor bites.

Start with a Cool Dip

The more dips you have, the merrier the party gets. Simply center colorful bowls filled with chips and platters with cut mixed veggies around our classic, handcrafted Homestyle Salsas and our Queso Fundido-inspired Queso Dips. Scoop each dip with a chip or veggie and voila! Hosting success.


Mexican Street Corn in a Cup

These IG-worthy Elote Cups are bold in looks and taste. Each cup has a mix of grilled fresh corn, rich Crema Mexicana, fresh Cacique Queso Cotija and Queso Fresco sprinkled with chili powder and Tajin. Finish it off with the unexpected, addictive crunch of crushed Hot Cheetos on top. Yum!


Panela Cheese Fries

Cheese fries with a kick! Made with authentic seared Panela cheese cubes and topped with fiery Salsa Picante Flavored Sour Cream, these Panela cheese fries will be the life of the party. Be prepared to welcome many thank yous.