Blueberry Queso Fresco Crumble Cake

    20 Min
    60-75 Min
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Blueberry Queso Fresco Crumble Cake

I live almost 3000 miles away from my mom. I miss her homemade baked goods during our get-togethers the most. This is why, A few years ago, I promised myself I’d get in the kitchen and attempt to bake delicious desserts as a tribute to my mom.

I want my kids to hold special memories like I do of my mother’s baking because I still remember the first cake we baked together. The cake we baked looked like a simple cake, but it was far from that. I love my mom’s baking style! She thinks outside of the box always when it comes to ingredients. She is the motivation behind every thing I bake. This Mother’s day will be no different, as I create a special cake in her honor and perfect for Mother’s day brunch.

I tried many cake batters before finding the perfect twists for greatness. It’s deliciously sweet, easy to make and made with not your typical baking ingredients just like my mom’s desserts. My Blueberry Queso Fresco Crumble Cake is a perfect representation of my mother and I.


The ingredients may be simple but together they make a delicious cake. It’s with Cacique® Crema Mexicana that my Crumble Cake has a deliciously moist cake base. I knew this was a great substitute for milk because of its rich flavor and velvety consistency. The perfect crumble topping is made with crumbled Cacique® Ranchero® Queso Fresco. The queso fresco offers a delicious soft texture to the crumble.

As I prepare this cake once again for my own mother’s day celebration, I’m happy I’ll have a little piece of baked goodness to represent my mom at our celebration. I know how excited my mom would be if I brought my Blueberry Queso Fresco Crumble Cake to her dessert table for Mother’s day brunch!


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