Capirotada – Mexican Bread Pudding

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Capirotada – Mexican Bread Pudding

Traditional recipes are often the best recipes, right? Capirotada is a traditional Mexican bread pudding made frequently around Lent, but this delicious dessert can be made year-round.

Did you know that this dish is some 500 years old?

Capirotada is a Mexican dessert made with bread, piloncillo (brown sugar), cheese, spices, nuts, fruits and several other ingredients. Beyond personal variations, every region has its variation on the basic capirotada recipe, like many other Mexican dishes.

I love the cinnamon smell and taste the sweet warm melted cheese. Yes, cheese. The combination of the ingredients is sure to awaken your taste buds.

I know that for some people the thought of manchego cheese and cotija cheese in a dessert seems odd. But once you taste it, you realize that it’s not bad at all and actually works. The contrasting flavors complement each other so well that make this dessert perfectly balanced.
Think about it, cheese is a classic pairing with sweets, such as cheddar and apples, blue cheese with candied pecans or gouda with dark chocolate. Have you tried cheese and sweets pairings?

This Capirotada is sweet, cheesy, easy, full of flavor and simply good! Try it and see for yourself. And feel free to experiment with the ingredients; more cinnamon, less raisins, more coconut, a bit more cheese, whatever.

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