Chorizo Taco Cups

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Chorizo Taco Cups

Well… it’s football season again!!

Some of my favorite parties to host are football/soccer parties. I love making finger food, and lately I’m kind of obsessed with mini food. I have been making “mini” versions of my favorite appetizers: mini empanadas, arepas, sliders, etc. And today was the turn of these mouthwatering Chorizo Taco Cups.


To make the filling you can use just one kind of meat, or you can mix a few different kinds together, like I did, to give your filling different flavors and textures. I used a “meatloaf mix” package. This is nothing more than ground beef, veal, and pork combined and it’s available at most groceries store.

When it comes to football food my husband has 3 rules: It has to be decadent, cheesy, and easy to eat, so finger foods and easy to carry items are a must!

These tasty Chorizo Taco Cups are perfect! Delicious, fun, and (most importantly) easy to make! The outside is crisp and crunchy, but the inside is soft and cheesy. The other good thing about this recipe is that you can load them up with all of your favorite toppings. Enjoy!

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