Chorizo Tinga Tostadas

    15 Mins
    50 Mins
    Serves 15
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Chorizo Tinga Tostadas

My first thought after Thanksgiving is always, “Las Posadas are coming!” If you’re not familiar with Las Posadas in Mexico, they are traditional celebrations starting each December 16th and continuing each day through December 24th. For me, they are sublimely beautiful.

For nine consecutive days, families, friends and neighbors get together each night to celebrate and prepare for Christmas. These colorful nights may vary from family to family and region to region, but they generally include instrumental music, songs, prayers, candy, fruit, ponche or atole, piñatas (yes, piñatas! They were originally created for Las Posadas) and, of course, food. There is no Posada without a Mexican antojito.

Some popular antojitos include pozole, enchiladas, sopes, tacos, sweet and savory tamales, gorditas, enmoladas, and one of my all time favorites, tostadas.

The beauty of the tostada is you can top it with anything you want. They are very easy to prepare and even easier to serve. Just display all the fixings on a big table and let your guests prepare their own.

This recipe combines chorizo with tinga, a very popular Mexican dish made with chicken, tomatoes, onions, and chipotle peppers. The spices in the chorizo give the dish a deeper, more robust Mexican flavor. You may want to double the recipe and save half for the next day.

You can also save time in the kitchen by using a cooked rotisserie chicken or chicken breast leftovers. Are you ready? Here is the recipe.

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