Create Your Own Mac-n-Cheese Bar

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Create Your Own Mac-n-Cheese Bar

It’s that time of the year when parties begin to happen indoors. From football viewing get-togethers to cozy fall holiday happenings, a good food spread is always a crowd pleaser.

Taco bars, candy bars and baked potato bars have made their appearance in some of the most entertaining parties of the fall but a mac-n-cheese bar? Yes, please!

A mac-n-cheese bar can range from simple kid-friendly ingredients to the most extravagant party food you could ever imagine. From bacon, panko, salsa, chopped vegetables, fancy truffles and healthy greens, your mac-n-cheese bar can set whatever mood you wish to create for your gathering.

ericka_sanchez_mac-n-cheese_6A great mac-n-cheese spread requires a great pasta and cheese base. Use thick and short pasta such as elbow macaroni, corkscrew or small shells for the best bite. A great shredded melting cheese is also required. Because Cacique® always has quality cheeses, I was excited to try their new authentic Mexican-style Shredded Cheese. From Queso Quesadilla, to Cotija to Two and Four Cheese blends of your favorite Cacique® cheeses, these shreds have been perfected to take recipes to the next level in flavor and texture.

Because these coveted cheese shreds are so new, distribution is limited to California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Arizona, but are becoming available to the rest of the country very soon. To find out if Cacique® Shredded Cheeses are available in a store near you, visit their store locator for more information.

May your fall be full of warm gatherings and great food. Happy entertaining!ericka_sanchez_mac-n-cheese_4