Guide to Mexican Chorizo

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Guide to Mexican Chorizo

Whether you’re a Mexican food connoisseur or a novice home cook seeking to add some more flair and flavor to your recipes, Cacique’s cheeses, creams, chorizos, and more are sure to meet your everyday needs. Through our full line of authentic Mexican food products, we will inspire you to add a little chispa [chee – spah] (spark, that is) of flavor to all of your meals. To help you along your culinary journey we’ve created a series of blog posts that showcase how to use and enjoy all our delicious products.

Before you get cooking, check out a few fun facts and innovative ways to use each of our products. Here, we introduce you to our Mexican chorizo [cho – ree – zoh], a perfectly seasoned minced sausage that’s ready to take center stage at your next meal.

What is Chorizo?

Chorizo is a robust, flavorful sausage that’s a staple in Spanish and Mexican cooking, as well as other international cuisines. While chorizo is primarily pork-based, there are many other versions as well. At Cacique, we have a wide range of Mexican-style chorizos, including ones made from pork, beef, as well as a meatless soy-based version. Each one is made with a traditional blend of herbs and spices—adding authentic flavor to all your recipes.

Fun Chorizo Fact:

It’s believed that the word “chorizo” is derived from two Latin words: salsicia (for “sausage”) and salsicus (for “seasoned with salt”). Not too surprising as chorizo originated in Spain as a cured and heavily salted style of sausage. However, Mexican chorizo, which was derived from Spain’s version, is generally a ground, fresh style of sausage—though it still enjoys a salty kick.

How Can I Use Chorizo?

Chorizo is undeniably a star ingredient, which is why it’s often paired with foods that are a bit milder, like potatoes, eggs, and beans. In Mexican cuisine, it’s widely used in breakfast dishes such as a huevos con chorizo scramble, or mixed into refried beans on the side. But chorizo is also frequently added to tacos, stuffed into burritos, as well as in queso fundido [kay – soh · fuhn – dee – dow]—an absolutely magical dip made from a blend of melted cheese (like our Queso Oaxaca) and chorizo.

Here are a few other inventive and impressive ways to use Cacique’s Chorizo:

  • Stuff into bell peppers and top with cheese for an easy, keto-friendly dinner
  • Add as a topping to your next pizza for a flavorful punch
  • Blend with ground beef (or veggie crumbles) to make Mexican-inspired burgers
  • Crumble into any soup, stew, or chili to turn up the heat
  • Use in place of (or atop) refried beans in your next tostada
  • Mix with ground beef or poultry, breadcrumbs, and an egg for a spicier meatball
  • Fry it up with potatoes and veggies for a rich Mexican breakfast hash
  • Surprise your friends with a chorizo-laden pasta salad at your next potluck
  • Throw onto nachos or even totchos (nachos made with tater tots, that is!)
  • Stir some into a bowl of mac and cheese to liven up your favorite comfort food

What Next?

  • Start Shopping – Our Cacique® Chorizo is available at retailers across the U.S. Visit our store locator to see which products are available at your local grocery store.
  • Get Cooking – For more delicious and authentic recipe inspiration, check out the recipes section of our website.
  • Share the Cacique Love – Be sure to share your creations with us and tag @caciqueinc on Instagram so we can see what you’re cooking up!