Guide to Crema Mexicana

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Guide to Crema Mexicana

Whether you’re a Mexican food connoisseur or a novice home cook seeking to add some more flair and flavor to your recipes, Cacique’s cheeses, creams, chorizos, and more are sure to meet your everyday needs. Through our full line of authentic Mexican food products, we  will inspire you to add a little chispa [chee – spah] (spark, that is) of flavor to all of your meals. To help you along your culinary journey we’ve created a series of blog posts that showcase how to use and enjoy all our delicious products.

Before you get cooking, check out a few fun facts and innovative ways to use each of our products. Here, we introduce you to our light and silky Crema Mexicana [kreh – mah · meh – hee – kah – nah]—the perfect addition to any sweet or spicy dish.

What is Crema Mexicana?

Crema Mexicana is a smooth, pourable cream with a mild flavor that’s thinner and a bit more subtle than our standard sour cream here in the States. In Mexico, this delightfully rich dairy product is often referred to as crema fresca, or “fresh cream.” Think of it as the tangier cousin of France’s crème fraîche.

Fun Crema Mexicana Fact

Not a fan of the way sour cream tends to curdle when added to certain hot dishes? You won’t have that problem with crema Mexicana!  Our luscious crema maintains its form and flavor regardless of what recipe you use it in.

How Can I Use Crema Mexicana?

It’s easy to enjoy crema Mexicana as a condiment, topping, or added ingredient in any dish, especially where sour cream or crème fraîche are used. Traditionally, it’s added to popular Mexican foods like tacos, elotes [eh – loh – tehs], enchiladas [ehn – chee – lah – dahs], enmoladas [ehn – moh – lah – dahs], tostadas, and more. It’s also an excellent addition to sides of refried or whole beans. Don’t forget to also try it in authentic Mexican soups like sopa Azteca [soh – pah ·  ahz – teh – kah] and pozole  [poh – soh – leh]!

Here Are A Few Other Creative Ways To Use Crema Mexicana:

  • Drizzle over scrambled eggs for a creamy new twist on breakfast
  • Whisk into your new favorite holiday beverage: atole [ah – toh – leh]!
  • Pour over berries for a refreshing-yet-decadent dessert
  • Mix into tomato bisque or gazpacho to tone down tartness
  • Dollop over a plate of indulgent bean or beef nachos
  • Use it to neutralize spicy dishes like chiles rellenos, chilaquiles, or even a bowl of chili
  • Stir in fresh cilantro and lime to transform into a flavorful dressing or dip
  • Use in place of heavy cream for a surprisingly tasty take on crème (or rather, crema) brûlée
  • Spoon over roasted veggies like broccoli, baby carrots, or brussels sprouts
  • Enjoy with your favorite potato dishes: drizzled over french fries, baked potatoes, potato skins, or mixed into a bowl of mashed potatoes
  • Make a mayo-free coleslaw using crema Mexicana instead
  • Blend with avocado for a yummy new topping on your next batch of taquitos

What Next?

  • Start Shopping – Our Cacique® Crema Mexicana is available at retailers across the U.S. Visit our store locator to see which products are available at your local grocery store.
  • Get Cooking – For more delicious and authentic recipe inspiration, check out the recipes section of our website.
  • Share the Cacique Love – Be sure to share your creations with us and tag @caciqueinc on Instagram so we can see what you’re cooking up!