Grilled Anaheim Chile and Corn with Cotija

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Grilled Anaheim Chile and Corn with Cotija

This time of year the weather starts to warm up and begins to present us with many opportunities to have dinner outside in our backyards. This is wonderful for those of us who don’t enjoy warming up the kitchen with the oven on a hot day. For me and my family, a typical backyard fare requires a menu of one or two meat items, a potato, pasta, or green salad of some sort, fresh fruit, roasted corn, and of course chips, tortillas, and a salsa. I’d say that’s a common theme in most households, but what if we changed it up a bit? Just a little bit.

What if I shared with you a dip that is made entirely on the grill? What if I told you it can be served as a dip or used with just about any meat and tortilla you are serving with your backyard fare.

My friends, this is not a salsa, and it’s not a queso fundido. It’s more of a dip or side dish that you’ll want to try on a tortilla, on a chip, in cup, in a taco, with some salsa, or maybe even with a hotdog in a tortilla! The balance between the cheese and veggies is just right that it can be enjoyed all on its own. You can’t do that with a salsa or queso fundido. Well, I suppose you could, but this one just begs to be enjoyed with the rest of your grilled backyard fare.

Cacique® Queso Cotija is the star in this one for its smoked-like strong flavor. Paired with the Cacique® Four Quesos Blend gives it that extra smooth and buttery, string cheesy quality that cheese lovers crave. All you’ll need to make this recipe outdoors on the grill is a 9” cast iron skillet, and aluminum foil.

I hope you enjoy it!

Grilled Anaheim chile and corn with melted queso enchillado 3

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