Halloween Stuffed Mummy Peppers

    5 Mins
    5 Mins
    Serves 12
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Halloween Stuffed Mummy Peppers

I am so excited to share these Halloween Mummy Peppers with you because they are so cute, I’m not sure I can handle keeping them a secret anymore! So here they are! And even better, they are so easy to make! If you’re looking for the perfect finger food recipe for Halloween parties – then look no further!

These Mummy Peppers are simple to make because you only need 3 ingredients: sweet peppers, black beans and a good quality Oaxaca cheese. I love Mexican cheeses, so for these I needed a cheese that would melt into mummy strips perfectly, so I chose Cacique® Oaxaca cheese. Cacique® is my go to brand for easy Mexican flavor that doesn’t require me to be in the kitchen for long! They sell cheeses, sour creams, meats, etc – all of which you can find in my fridge for easy weeknight meals!

If you don’t know what Oaxaca cheese is, I like to describe it as a stretchy cheese that melts beautifully. It tastes like a mixture between mozzarella and Monterey Jack with a natural buttery taste, perfect for endless recipe ideas (from casseroles to soups and everything in between).

To make these Mummies, we’re going to need a good base to stuff with black beans. I like using sweet peppers because both kids and adults can enjoy these! Sweet peppers aren’t spicy at all, but filled with sweetness. They’re one of my favorite snacks, I always have a bag in the refrigerator! First, remove the stem off each pepper and then cut in half. Place on a piece of parchment paper on top of a baking sheet. This is for easy cleanup. Now fill each pepper with black beans. These are canned black beans that I drained and rinsed. Fill each pepper with the black beans. I’d recommend about 3 peppers per person at a party, so you can use your judgement here on how many you want to make.

Now grab your beautiful Cacique® Oaxaca cheese. This cheese is stretched into a long rope and then formed into a ball. You can use it shredded like this recipe, on top of tacos, beans and soups, or you can slice it to use for quesadillas or sandwiches. Shred up the amount of Oaxaca cheese that you need, ripping off pieces of the cheese to fit across your peppers. I like to do 2-4 strips per pepper, depending on their size. After the cheese is on top, throw into the oven at 350 degrees for 5 minutes, so the cheese completely melts. Below shows the before and after. Now grab some candy eyeballs because the Mummy needs eyes! You can find these candy eyes at pretty much any store that has a Halloween section. Press two eyes into each pepper on the melted cheese. I would recommend you do this immediately when they come out of the oven, so the cheese is still soft, it will keep the eyes in place better.

And just like that you have the cutest Halloween appetizer food ever! This will make parents and children both smile – which I consider to be the ultimate success!