Lunch Box Mini Pizzas

    10 Mins
    15 Mins
    Serves 8
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Lunch Box Mini Pizzas

It’s always a challenge to pack something fun and enticing in a school lunch box. We must vary the contents on a daily basis with food that is kid-friendly and that could be daunting as the school year progresses. We tend to fall into the dreaded school box lunch rut and that could result in uneaten lunches and food waste.

Pizza is always a good idea and a guarantee that it will be easily devoured. Luckily, this recipe for mini pizzas are small enough to fit in the lunch box and are easy to prepare in just a few minutes. With the convenience and ease of Cacique’s Four Quesos Blend Shredded Cheeses, I save a significant amount of time while at the same time, don’t compromise the taste of these delicious mini pizzas.

You can customize your own toppings. I decided to add a little bit of Cacique® Cotija cheese to the marinara sauce and finish them off with chopped salami and crumbled Cacique® Soy Chorizo to pack on the flavor. Serve them with a nice portion of fruits and veggies and send off the kiddos with a tasty lunch they will look forward to enjoying when lunchtime comes around.

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