Plantain and White Cheese Cake

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Plantain and White Cheese Cake

When you are born and grown in a tropical country like Venezuela, eating plantains is an everyday thing. Ripe plantain with white cheese (fresh, grated, melted, grilled, aged), is an irresistible duo, a combination of flavors that I treasure since I was a little girl.

This ripe plantain cake with panela cheese is a typical Venezuelan dish. It can be served as a dessert with papelón (piloncillo or panela) and cloves syrup.

Since we love to combine sweet and savory, it can also be served as a side dish when there are parties and family gatherings.


Usually prepared in a refractory glass oven dish, as if it were a lasagna, I decided to bake it on cheesecake pan, first, because I wanted it to look like a cake (rather than a pastelón) and then because I wanted to show the layers of plantain and cheese.

Whether you serve it as a dessert or side dish, this plantain cake with cheese can be eaten hot, warm or at room temperature. If you’re going to serve it as a side dish, it is better to add the syrup when you assemble the different layers of plantain and cheese.IMG_1696Note: Click the ‘Products‘ tab above to learn more about the Cacique® ingredients used in this recipe. You can find these ingredients near you by clicking the ‘Find Stores‘ tab, selecting the products you are looking for, and entering your zip code.