Planters for a Dia de los Muertos Altar

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Planters for a Dia de los Muertos Altar

This year we are adding succulents to our Dia de Los Muertos Altar. Adding a prickly plant adds a bit more color and texture to your altar. Plus, it makes it more beautiful.

I love the long Cacique Crema Mexicana bottle shape. It’s very versatile in crafts and the label is easy to remove. Leaving a blank canvas for us to get creative with this holiday season. With just a few supplies you can come up with a beautiful work of art to include in your altar as an offering. Plus, it’s so much fun to paint these with the family. Give this project a try and customize it any way you’d like. I found some great felt skulls and twine at the craft store but you can always use dry kitchen ingredients such as beans, star anise and small pastas. Have fun!


  • 2 empty Cacique Crema Mexicana Bottles
  • 2 – 2” felt skull cutouts
  • 2 small succulents in plastic pots
  • Matte spray paint (your choice of color)
  • Clear and flexible Industrial strength adhesive or hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Twine


Step 1: Remove labels from Cacique Crema Mexicana containers. Wash, rinse and dry thoroughly.

Step 2: Insert rolled up newspaper in crema bottles to use as holders. Spray paint evenly. Dry overnight.

Step 3: Glue felt skulls onto the middle of the bottles. Press down until felt is completely dry.

Step 4: Decorate with acrylic paints

Step 5: Remove succulents and soil from plastic pots. Cut off 1 inch from the top of the pots.

Step 6: Glue the empty plastic pot (with top cut off) inside crema bottles.

Step 8: Working quickly, wrap twine around top of bottles. Making sure the pot glued inside is dry and secure. Add soil and a succulent and place in your Dia de Los Muertos Altar.