Swampy Cacique® Halloween Punch

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Swampy Cacique® Halloween Punch

When creepy crawlies fill the dirt in the ground…of the gummi affair that is, you know Halloween is upon us. You’ve got witch hats and devils horns, black cat screeches and rubber toy leeches. It’s my favorite time of the year. I tend to lean towards the ghoulish fun and scary instead of the lame sexy. I’ve always been like that since I was a young kid. I carry the spirit of Halloween with me all year round, but luckily for me, October grants me the weird girl freedom to dress however I want and nobody will give me a side look stare, because it’s Halloween time.


Being a food freak I always enjoy a good Halloween party, reason being… I get to dream up the most macabre menacing disturbing and most important FUN recipes I can think of. In the past I’ve made a meatloaf that looks like a hand, I’ve made guacamole brain liquid, sausage stomach intestines, a cake for rats, and mini wheat haunted mansions. Guess what it’s no different this year. After much thinking I realized I’ve never made any cool eerie drinks. Something to really make the party goers’ squirm and scream…. Or just let a sweet little giggle escape their lips.

I thought of this gruesome drink that is both kid and adult friendly. I imagined this being the dreadful drink Dr. Jekyll would guzzle to transform him into Mr. Hyde. Or something Dr. Frankenstein would drink in celebration after pulling down the lever to allow lightning to strike his beloved monster to life.

It’s very simple…. In order to get a swampy effect I would need to mix soda with Cacique® Crema Mexicana, and allow it to bubble and fizz. The results were quite frightening, and freaking scary awesome.


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