Cacique Chorizo Rice

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Cacique Chorizo Rice

Born and raised in the United States, I’ve celebrated Thanksgiving my entire life. Growing up, I became accustomed to the traditional meal of roasted turkey, cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes buried under an inch of gravy. So much of it tasted boring and bland, but I didn’t complain, I would just add more gravy. Now as an adult, I enjoy infusing flavors from my Mexican heritage, and what’s better than some good beef chorizo, black beans, arroz, and cotija cheese?

cacique_chorizo_rice_1There is nothing bland and boring with this recipe for Chorizo Rice. Building off the flavors of a basic Spanish rice with onions, tomatoes and garlic, the side dish bursts with savory bites of Cacique® Beef Chorizo and a hint of sweetness from diced sweet potatoes. It’s like me, a blend of Mexican-American cultures fusing together harmoniously.

For a vegetarian version, switch out the chicken broth for a vegetable broth, and use Cacique® Soy Chorizo.
While we usually think of pairing chorizo with eggs or potatoes, the robust flavors of Cacique® Beef Chorizo can elevate any dish, and is great when paired with rice, quinoa, kale, nopales or sweat potatoes, to name a few. This holiday season, make your side dish stand out from the crowd and have friends and familia asking for more (and the recipe).


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