Cazuelitas con Frijoles

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Cazuelitas con Frijoles

I love any recipe with beans. Somehow, they take me back to those years when I lived in Bogota when I visited my grandmother’s house. She always had a feast waiting for us. Everything was fantastic, but her specialty was the traditional Colombian Pinto beans with pork chicharron and it was one of our most anticipated dishes. Years later, after I came to live in this country, I still remember those days fondly.

Ingredients- Cazuelitas con fríjoles

One of the recipes that take me back home is cazuelitas con frijoles. Often known as a Mexican dish called tazitas de tortilla rellenas, our family has found a way to infuse our Colombian flavors into our very own creation. This recipe is an ideal appetizer at any celebration. The original Mexican recipe suggests using bacon when cooking the beans, but for our recipe I prefer using Cacique® Pork Chorizo. Also, the cazuelitas o canasticas can be purchased ready-made, but we have always preferred baking our own tortilla cups until golden brown. On a side note, you can also use canned pinto beans if desired.

Another possible substitute ingredient for the original Mexican recipe is Cacique® Ranchero® Queso Fresco. The Mexican recipe recommends using mozzarella cheese, but our family has always preferred the taste of Cacique® Ranchero® Queso Fresco. It goes perfectly with the combination of chorizo and pinto beans.


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