Cheese and Eggfruit Flan

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Cheese and Eggfruit Flan

Desserts usually signify the end of a meal-time at the table, and for many years families have adopted traditions in regards to serving desserts. And this is of course also the most longed meal moment for kids, who eagerly await to sweeten their palates.

On weekends, when there’s usually more time to do things, one can reproduce those inheritances of our Latin cuisines, and that is why today I present a delicious kind of flan, for which I wanted to add a special flavor with the eggfruit puree, a type of fruit that is possible to find in pureed form in some supermarkets.This fruit, along with Cacique® Queso Fresco, make this dessert (in terms of flavor and texture) too special and addictive.

This is an excellent choice if you want to surprise your family or friends. This is the kind of dessert that brings you back to your childhood a little.

Maybe some would find the flan by itself a little bit too sweet, which is why I wanted to give a special touch with the Cacique® Crema Salvadoreña as well as some pralines, and I believe they perfectly balance the sweetness.

The flan will always be a classic dish in terms of desserts, and what better than when we have the opportunity to innovate with flavors, without losing the essence of the base recipe.

If you want to indulge yourself, or if you want to finish a lunch or dinner in a special way, this dessert will definitely bring you great satisfaction.

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