Chicken Chalupas with Salsa Roja

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Chicken Chalupas with Salsa Roja

Chalupas are in my opinion the perfect party food for Las Posadas. That is why today I am suggesting a delicious recipe for Chicken Chalupas with Salsa Roja. This dish is very easy to make and uses chicken cooked and shredded the day before as well as Cacique® Queso Fresco and Cacique® Crema Mexicana. They provide the authentic flavors of my Mexican Cuisine.

Las Posadas is a three-hundred-year old Mexican tradition that celebrates the beginning of Christmas and the arrival of Jesus Christ. For my family and for the community I grew up in, this was a very important celebration that starts every December 16th and ends on December 24th on Christmas Eve.

In my town, this festivity involved the entire community where all the families would reunite to make crafts and prepare many traditional dishes like tamales, agua de horchata and ponche de frutas. This was a street party with food stalls and a procession that ended each night breaking the piñata.

I embrace this tradition here in the United States and we organize a Posada on Christmas Eve. This year, it will feature many favorites like tacos al pastor, quesadillas, horchata and also these yummy Chicken Chalupas with Salsa Roja garnished with Cacique® products.

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