Chorizo Sopes with Cilantro Lime Shrimp

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Chorizo Sopes with Cilantro Lime Shrimp

Sopes are such a fun food and can be topped with nearly anything. They are traditionally served with refried black beans, queso fresco, onions, lettuce, chile or tomatillo sauce, and sour cream. This combination varies depending on where you are and who is making them. The same goes for the masa shells that they are served on. If you asked your abuela for her recipe, then you asked someone else, you would most likely get two different answers. Just like toppings, the preparation of the masa shells can vary just as much. Some prefer to finish them off by deep frying and some simply rewarm on a comal (or you can be like me and just heat them in a regular old pan because you don’t even own a comal).

I came to realize as long as you have a nice, thick masa base that’s loaded with delicious toppings, you can’t go wrong. (Just don’t forget the Cacique® chorizo and cheese!)

You can buy the Cacique® Sopes de la Casa or make the sope shells ahead of time and store them in the freezer . They will keep well for up to three months and when you are ready to serve them, just rewarm either in the oven or on a heated comal. This is not only a time saver but also great for parties if you want to make things ahead of time.

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