Creamy Mexican Sweet Potato Salad

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Creamy Mexican Sweet Potato Salad

Creamy Mexican Sweet Potato Salad is a mix of sweet potatoes with crunchy bacon, beans, freshly grated Oaxaca cheese, sour cream and a tangy lemony flavor. A perfect recipe for any special event or a cozy evening eating al fresco meal with loved ones.

Sweet potato is one of our favorite summer vegetables and we love all the varieties of it, from the extra orange ones to the yellow sweet. So this salad is definitely our house favorite as it’s a perfect combination of sweet, spicy, tangy, and creamy and goes with all sorts of meal. This can even be used as a filling for a burrito, wrap, taco or even a sandwich.

Making this salad is extremely easy, just gather all the ingredients (you can pick and choose ingredients as per taste) and mix everything lightly. In fact, you can even use frozen sweet potatoes in case fresh ones are not available. Just thaw completely and sauté lightly to give them a little crunch.

And if you are in a hurry, this can be prepped the night before, just chop and keep everything handy to be mixed next day or when needed. They make a great picnic snack too, as they are super easy to pack and are quite filling.

Enjoy this easy yet flavorful salad with your friends and family.

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