Deditos de Queso (Sweet Cheese Fingers with Guava)

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Deditos de Queso (Sweet Cheese Fingers with Guava)

Cheese fingers with guava paste are one of the most popular and coveted appetizers in Colombia. The aroma of warm, sweet guava and cheese coming from the local bakeries permeate the afternoon air throughout the city, making this delight an irresistible snack for everyone.

I looked forward to those cheese fingers during my afternoon neighborhood strolls that always ended at my favorite bakery. At 4 o’clock, on the dot, those tasty desserts came out of the oven ready to be enjoyed with a “gaseosa”, or fizzy drink, to hold me over until dinnertime.

Now that I don’t live in Colombia, I don’t miss them because I have been able to continue to enjoy them in my own kitchen. This recipe I share with you is similar to the recipe from the local bakery I frequented in Colombia. The fresh out-of-the oven aroma is just as delicious as it was back then.

There are two ways to prepare them: You can fry the cheese fingers with enough oil or bake them as my recipe states. Because I love cheese, I decided to incorporate two different varieties: Cacique® Cotija cheese (similar to Colombian costeño cheese), and Cacique® Queso Fresco. You can also use Cacique® Panela cheese, which gives a soft, mild texture with delicious texture.


These cheese fingers with guava paste are the perfect snacks and party appetizers. My daughter loves to include them in her lunchbox. It’s the perfect sweet ending to her school lunch.


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