Green Chile Chicken Tamale Cupcakes

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Green Chile Chicken Tamale Cupcakes

Is there any way to make tamales a little more elegant, easy to serve and especially easy to prepare? Yes there is!

The first days of November mark Mexico’s Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos), a lively and rich tradition in which our departed loved ones are remembered and honored. This day is about remembering that death is not about sadness but it is about celebration. People set up their altars, bring food, alcohol, music and sit around with their families while they share memories and food.

tamale_cupcakes_4During this time, tamales are one of the most traditional food, so I decided to make an easier and different way to serve them. I have to be honest, me being me, I simply couldn’t stick to the traditional recipe. So I made tamale cupcakes! I truly enjoyed making them as it made me feel connected to my family. I remember having homemade tamales and coffee on cold mornings in my grandmother’s cozy kitchen. Grandma always seemed to know what we needed to start our day, that’s what made my grandma so special and of course, her tamales were amazing. She even made the nixtamal in order to make the masa. That’s a lot of love, work and flavor!

Even though these cupcakes make an excellent Día de Muertos appetizer, I like to make them any time of the year because they are super easy to prepare. You don’t have to spend an afternoon wrapping tamales; and of course they are simple to eat as an “all-in-one” meal. They are seriously tasty!

These cupcake tamales start with a masa base, loaded with chicken in a green chile salsa, and after they are done they are topped with Cacique® Queso Fresco, Cacique® Crema Mexicana Agria and chopped fresh cilantro.
Prep it, combine it, bake it, eat it. Simply delicious!

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