Grilled Shrimp Tacos with Cotija Cheese Coleslaw

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Grilled Shrimp Tacos with Cotija Cheese Coleslaw

If my husband could grill everyday he totally would. He’s pretty much the chef in our family when it comes to creating delicious meals. Our cooking styles are so different and he loves seafood. He rarely eats seafood because a divided household of “love it or hate it” usually leads to no seafood meals. With father’s day around the corner I knew I needed to make something special even if it meant cooking outside my comfort zone.

I wanted to surprise him with an early Father’s Day meal. If there is one thing I can do to show him how much we love and appreciate him is to cook something with love.

I picked up shrimp to make some grilled shrimp tacos. My hubs loves tacos and seafood! Since I’m no grill master I knew a grill pan would do just fine for what would be my best and only seafood dish to date!grilled_shrimp_tacos_with_cotija_cheese_coleslaw-_cacique_ingredientsWhen it comes to tacos my hubs loves spicy, sweet, and crema! He LOVES crema! I added some spicy seasoning like chipotle chili pepper to the shrimp. It not only gave it great flavor but also complimented the other ingredients for my grilled shrimp tacos perfectly.

Instead of traditional side of rice or beans to go with tacos, I made a delicious chorizo corn medley to go in the taco. The Cacique Beef Chorizo mixed with golden kernels added both spicy and sweet flavors. But that wasn’t all. To fulfill my hubs love for crema, I had to make my cotija coleslaw made with Cacique’s Ranchero® Crema con Sal and Cacique® Cotija Cheese.

I surprised the hubs with my father’s day meal and he was shocked and so appreciative. He couldn’t believe I purchased and cooked shrimp to perfection just for him. If that’s not love for the father of my babies I don’t know what is. Here’s to making more memories and surprising my love with delicious food.

grilled_shrimp_tacos_with_cotija_coleslawNote: Click the ‘Products‘ tab above to learn more about the Cacique® ingredients used in this recipe. You can find these ingredients near you by clicking the ‘Find Stores‘ tab, selecting the products you are looking for, and entering your zip code.