Mexican Independence Day: Ground Turkey and Poblano Chile Sopes

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Mexican Independence Day: Ground Turkey and Poblano Chile Sopes

Many families in Mexico, including mine, gather together to celebrate on September 15th, the evening before Mexican Independence Day. We play lotería, which is similar to bingo, we reenact the famous, “Grito,” of Miguel Hidalgo at midnight (followed by fireworks), and, of course, we like to cook up something special.

On this extra special occasion each year, we like to have antojitos mexicanos, dishes like pozole, enchiladas, tacos, tamales, and sopes, among many others with Mexican cheese. I especially like sopes because you can fill them with almost anything you like, which is great for large families. The only concern is whether you have enough table space to lay out all the fixings!

Where I am right now, there is an abundance of sweet, juicy and fresh corn, so I am taking advantage of that by adding it to the meat.

While they’re perfect for celebrating, Ground Turkey and Poblano Chile Sopes are still very simple to make. Here’s how:


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