Mini Hibiscus-Queso Tarts

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Mini Hibiscus-Queso Tarts

Mother’s Day is a great day to make something pretty delicious and these mini tarts are just the thing that will put a smile on mom’s face. Mini tarts for Mother’s Day! I love it!

All year she cares for us, pampers us and is always there it lend a helping hand. This Mother’s Day I say we make her something sweet to thank her for all she does. Let’s bake!

I keep my fridge stocked with Cacique® at all times for weeknight dinners, unexpected diner guests and to snack on during movie night. Then it hit me; why not transform this versatile cheese into a festive dessert, tarts for Mother’s Day. Cacique® Ranchero® Queso Fresco easily crumbles and mixes well with so many flavors that I knew this was the beginning of something amazing.

I also wanted to incorporate one of my mom’s favorite flavors, hibiscus. From hibiscus tea, to agua de jamaica to hibiscus jelly my mom cannot get enough of hibiscus. Lucky me I had a jar of hibiscus jelly in my pantry from when we made empanadas, so I was off to a great start. And with Cacique® cheese in the recipe I knew I was guaranteed to serve up something sensational.

I picked up a box of pre-baked tarts shells and headed into the kitchen. I wanted to add a layer of caramelization to the tart shells so I sprinkled them with sugar before baking. A touch of Cacique® Crema Mexicana helped our queso and hibiscus jelly to blend into a silky smooth, pale blush pink creamy filling. The crispy tart shells are then filled with our lightly sweetened cheese filling, garnished with mint for a touch of freshness and placed in the fridge until ready to serve. The crisp tart shell paired with the chilled creamy filling is a terrific combination.

Mom will be so impressed with these festive mini tarts on Mother’s day; you might just want to double the recipe. Feel free to play around with different jellies or jams to create your own personal favorite. Try topping them with fresh berries or drizzle them with chocolate for an extra layer of sweetness. These mini tarts are easy to make, plus they are elegant enough for a special brunch or a great addition to a dessert buffet table.

mini-hibiscus-queso-tarts-vianneyrodriguez4Note: Click the ‘Products‘ tab above to learn more about the Cacique® ingredients used in this recipe. You can find these ingredients near you by clicking the ‘Find Stores‘ tab, selecting the products you are looking for, and entering your zip code.