Monster Chorizo Nachos

    20 Mins
    20 Mins
    Serves 8
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Monster Chorizo Nachos

Halloween is here. The time of parties and pumpkins and ghosts and goblins and things that go bump in the night. My favorite part of this fun holiday? The food. From chocolate covered everything to crazy cocktail concoctions to the most delicious dips and party platters, Halloween party food is where it’s at. One of my favorite go-to shareable appetizers? These loaded Monster Chorizo Nachos. Full of fun colors and unique flavors, this nachos recipe is one your little monsters won’t be able to resist!

Nachos are the best, right? Take all of your favorite chips and ingredients and oh-so-delicious toppings and combine them into the ultimate party recipe. Everyone loves nachos. Every monster does, too. What makes nachos even more delicious is using quality ingredients from Cacique® to give your recipe that authentic Mexican flavor you crave. From spicy chorizo to flavored sour cream to authentic Mexican cheeses, Cacique® is the brand to inspire you to create original and delicious dishes that your entire family will love. For our nachos recipe, we picked Beef Chorizo along with a selection of cheeses and crema.

Our goal with this Monster Chorizo Nachos Recipe was to create a platter full of amazing flavors and fun colors. We started with a layer of tortilla chips in different colors. We topped our crunchy tortillas with black beans, sweet corn, and fresh tomatoes. Then the star of the show: Beef Chorizo. So good, so spicy, and the color. Delicious! Cacique® also makes pork and soy varieties of chorizo so no matter your preference, they have a tasty option.

To prepare the chorizo, we cooked it according to package directions with chopped onion. Then we layered the beef chorizo mixture on our bed of chips and veggies. For super-melty stretchy cheese, we arranged slices of Oaxaca melting cheese on top of the nachos. And we snacked along the way. This cheese is mild and perfect for the ooey-gooey nacho platter. Pop everything in the oven for about 10 minutes, or until everything is heated through, the chips are crisp, and the cheese has melted.

Now, it is time to get freaky! Load your nachos up with your fave toppings. We went with creamy, sliced avocados, green onions, chopped cilantro and more. And of course, Mexican Crema. The creamy tang of crema blends with the spicy chorizo for a mouthful of wonderful. Yum! My little monsters like things spicy, so we served our Monster Chorizo Nachos recipe with Mexican style Jalapeño Sour Cream, too. I love the way these flavors combine into a one of a kind nachos recipe. The smoky flavor of the spiced chorizo, the pop of creamy flavor from the sour cream, the cheeses with the fresh vegetable toppings.

Crumble Cotija cheese over the top and serve warm! This is the perfect recipe for Halloween Parties. Or how about for a quick meal before and after trick or treating. No monster should trick or treat on an empty stomach, and this nachos recipe is a great way to get authentic Mexican flavor without spending a lot of time in the kitchen.