Roasted Green Chile Chilaquiles

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Roasted Green Chile Chilaquiles

I am asked the same question at least once a month, “What is your favorite Mexican dish?” And I always answer the same, “Enchiladas”. I love enchiladas. When I’m craving home or missing my mom it’s usually enchiladas I desire. These roasted green chile chilaquiles are inspired from my mother’s famous green enchiladas.


Three ingredients make this sauce unique — Cacique® Crema Mexicana, buttermilk, and slow-roasted long green chiles. The creamy combination with roasted green chiles gives this sauce its one-of-a-kind sabor. This sauce not only makes delicious enchiladas but it also makes tasty chilaquiles.

The key to unforgettable chilaquiles is to fry the corn tortilla pieces. The fried tortilla is usually a little crunchy, which is a nice change from its cousin the enchilada. Then smother the tortilla pieces with this creamy and spicy chile sauce, and top with shredded Cacique® Oaxaca Cheese.


These chilaquiles are perfect as is, but to really take this dish over the top, serve them with an over-easy egg. The luscious yolk running down the stack of chilaquiles combined with crumbled Ranchero® Queso Fresco gives this dish a unique flavor.

Breakfast in bed is a wonderful way to honor mom. These chilaquiles are the perfect recipe for Mother’s Day breakfast or brunch. Keep things simple and prepare the sauce the night before. Simply refrigerate overnight and make chilaquiles on Mother’s Day. Just add a generous amount of amor to this dish, and you can’t go wrong.

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