Roasted Poblano Scalloped Potatoes

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Roasted Poblano Scalloped Potatoes

Whew! Where did the days go? Thanksgiving’s right around the corner, fall is in full swing and it’s time to talk turkey. Mami officially handed over Thanksgiving a few years ago and I take the passing of the baton very serious. Every year Mami served up the most amazing Thanksgiving. Sweet, succulent turkey, a table of sensational sides and the fluffiest mashed potatoes these are big shoes to fill, she served up, perfection. The first year I hosted I made her Thanksgiving down to the very last pecan pie crust and everyone left with happy, full bellies. The following year I threw in a few new desserts and two new sides dishes. As I set out the sides I have to admit I was worried mi familia would think I messed with tradition, pero no – they loved the new dishes, gobbled them up and I even got a high-five from mami. Boy was I happy.

vianney_rodriguez_scalloped-poblano-potatoesThis will be my sixth year hosting Thanksgiving and I’m not the least bit nervous, I’ve got this and with Cacique® new authentic Mexican-style Shredded cheeses in the kitchen I know my Thanksgiving dish will be delicious. When Cacique® reached out and asked me to be one for the first to try these new shredded cheeses I knew I had to highlight a great Thanksgiving side dish. I decided to re-vamp my favorite scalloped potato dish by adding roasted poblanos and loads of creamy Cacique® Four Quesos Blend shredded cheese that is a mix of Manchego, Oaxaca, Quesadilla and Asadero cheeses. These new shredded blends use 100% authentic cheese and will roll out nationwide soon, for a location near you that carries the new Cacique® shredded blends visit

Rich, creamy these scalloped potatoes smothered in a buttery cream sauce and laced with roasted poblanos can be made in advanced and baked before your guests arrive. To slice up even slices make sure you use a sharp knife or carefully use a mandolin for even quicker prep. I hope you give these dreamy scalloped potatoes a try made with cacique cheese. They are sure to have you receiving lots of high-fives this Thanksgiving.

Note: Click the ‘Products‘ tab above to learn more about the Cacique® ingredients used in this recipe. You can find these ingredients near you by clicking the ‘Find Stores‘ tab, selecting the products you are looking for, and entering your zip code.