Tex Mex Chorizo Migas

    10 Mins
    10 Mins
    Serves 4
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Tex Mex Chorizo Migas

I can’t wait to share this deliciously satisfying Migas recipe with you. It is a breakfast I have been making since waaaay before I met Mr. Fearless Dining…but I will save that story for another day :-).

Migas were an Austin tradition that my friends and I shared, and we all loved having a migas breakfast together on the weekends. We gathered at each other’s house on Sunday mornings to cook breakfast together. (Okay we were single back then so mid-day was probably more like it!). The heroes of today’s tasty breakfast are Cacique®’s delicious fresh ingredients, like Pork Chorizo, Panela Cheese, and their Cilantro Lime Sour Cream!

Cacique® makes so many different delicious Hispanic cheeses, chorizo, and cremas to help you make all of your favorite Mexican foods! (All of Cacique® cheeses and chorizos are gluten free!). These ingredients help make Mexican recipes so good that you can savor the flavors of Mexican food without spending a huge amount of time in the kitchen!

So back to this yummy migas recipe. How many of you know what migas are? Migas are considered a traditional Mexican breakfast where you cook corn tortillas and then scramble in eggs and other ingredients. I have always included chorizo because it adds so much flavor to this dish. If I don’t include chorizo, my son complains because he shares my love of Mexican food :-).

This chorizo migas recipe has ingredients that you can easily find at your local grocery store! Feel free to adapt this recipe and add to it. I often add chopped green peppers and other vegetables to change things up every now and then. You can even use the corn tortillas to make migas tacos out of the migas! I chose to use Cacique® Panela Cheese in this migas recipe because it is mild and crumbles beautifully into this recipe. This cheese is fresh, so it will keep 3-5 days after you open it. Cacique® Panela Cheese is made with milk does not contain rBST, so you can feel good serving it to your family. (You can also use their Oaxaca cheese if you prefer to have your cheese more melted.)