Fresas con Crema – Sweet Vanilla Crema Dip

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Fresas con Crema – Sweet Vanilla Crema Dip

The strawberry season in the U.S. typically peaks between April and June, depending on where you live. Right now is an excellent time to get strawberries at a very affordable price. Aside from the great prices and abundance of this berry, strawberry season is also a great time to enjoy outside with friends and family by visiting a local farm to pick your own. This time of the year, I like to buy tons and tons of strawberries to freeze for later use, but the best part of this season is to be able to eat them freshly picked.

If I had to describe the perfect strawberry I would say: sweet, firm flesh, beautiful red color and extra juicy. Sounds like perfection right? Well it is, but if you would like to take it up a notch, and really indulge the flavors of strawberries, then serve them next to a big bowl of crema. To me, nothing goes better with strawberries than simple, pure, delicious crema. The perfect match!


You can simply mix crema and sugar, and drizzle it over the strawberries. But I prefer to whip up the crema in order to obtain an airy, pillowy texture that can be served as a dip. In this case I have added sugar, honey, and vanilla as the different layers of flavor make this the ultimate sweet crema dip for your strawberries.


For this recipe I used Cacique® Crema Mexicana Agria. You can use Cacique’s product locator to find it at your local grocery store by clicking HERE. The crema agria already has a denser texture than regular crema, and its sour taste blended with the sweetness of the sugar and honey, give this dip a cheesecake-like flavor, I absolutely love this dip, it is light, full of flavor, goes so well with any fruit, and is much healthier than using cream cheese or heavy cream.