Turkey and Stuffing Empanadas with Crema Gravy

    5 Mins
    32 Mins
    Serves 12
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Turkey and Stuffing Empanadas with Crema Gravy

For as long as I can remember October through December has been my favorite time of the year. I look forward to this time the most. It may be the changing of seasons, the beautiful leaves falling from trees, the cooler weather, spending time with family, and all the food! Yes, that may be my favorite thing about this time of year – all the food!

I could personally eat turkey and stuffing all year long and not get tired of it. I seek out turkey and stuffing at church benefits so by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, I’m ready for some new ways to eat the leftovers.

Every year I try to do something different with leftovers that will keep the family wanting more. I try for interesting and tasty dishes that don’t even seem like leftovers. You definitely want something that comes together easily so you can get them on the table fast.

These Turkey and Stuffing Empanadas with a Crema Gravy are the perfect way to use up your holiday leftovers. Plus, they are simple to put together and take only minutes to make. You can pull the gravy together while the empanadas are baking. These empanadas called for a heartier gravy than a traditional turkey gravy, so I opted for Cacique’s Crema Mexicana Agria to give it a robust creamy texture. This take on a country gravy, complements the empanadas perfectly.