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Coconut Horchata Rum Punch

Every holiday season, our family gets together to celebrate our annual Posada. Las Posadas are a beautiful Mexican Christmas tradition that takes place from December 16th until Christmas Eve with a hu...
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Creamy Hazelnut Whisky Cocktail

Winter is here and warm sweet drinks are making their way into our holiday parties and chilly night get-togethers. Lately, hot chocolate bars have been all the rage, but what if we give the hot chocol...
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Swampy Cacique® Halloween Punch

When creepy crawlies fill the dirt in the ground...of the gummi affair that is, you know Halloween is upon us. You’ve got witch hats and devils horns, black cat screeches and rubber toy leeches. It’s...
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A Sweet Way to Celebrate National Rum Day

August 16 is National Rum Day and I found a sweet way to celebrate the day to the fullest. I fired up my grill, tossed some pineapple rings on the rack and let them sizzle away until those grill marks...
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Tequila-Infused Raspberries with Cinnamon Sugar Crema and Orejas

This sophisticated dessert of Tequila-Infused Macerated Raspberries with a Cinnamon Sugar Crema topping is very easy to prepare and can be made in advance so you can quickly assemble the dish just mom...
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Hot Weather Refreshments: Sweet and Creamy Fruit Lassi

Lassis are a popular drink in India and Pakistan. They are customarily served chilled during the lunch hour of the warm summer days. Made with a yogurt, milk or water base and sweetened with fruit and...
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