Lent 101

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Lent 101

Less Likes on your posts these days?

Is “Meatless Fridays” in the conversation now?

Did you see a cross drawn in ash on someone’s forehead?

Yep, it’s the yearly time for Lent. Here’s what you need to know (or remember).

What is Lent?

Lent is the preparation period for Easter, a time of repentance and renewal of faith. Think of Lent as a spiritual getting back to basics.

What about the 40 days!?!

Yes. Lent commemorates the 40 days that Jesus fasted in the wilderness.

It is the most important 40-day period in the Christian religious calendar. The first day of Lent is Ash Wednesday. The last day of Lent is Easter Sunday. In between, there are some milestone days. For example, in Holy Week, there is Palm Sunday (the day Jesus entered Jerusalem triumphantly, and people laid palm fronds at his feet), Holy Thursday (the commemoration of the Last Supper), Good Friday (the day he was crucified), and Easter Sunday (the day Jesus resurrected).

So, what exactly happens in these 40 days?

Observers feel that fasting and/or abstaining from things they enjoy will connect them closer to their faith. This practice is about removing things that might be in the way of getting closer to God and focusing on the things that turn them toward God. So, in addition to consciously spending more time gathering with family, traditionally, people will abstain from having their favorite foods –chocolate, fries, or pepperoni pizza. Now in our digital age, people also fast from social media, dancing, or binging movies.

Why is Lent associated with food or eating?

Well, since observers fast during Lent –in addition to abstaining from favorite foods, meat is restricted on all Lenten Fridays– meals and mealtime become a focus. As a result, meatless recipes exist to enjoy, specifically during Lent. Some of these tasty favorite recipes are traditional, while others are new flavorful stars.

Really?! What kind of recipes??

Here are five delicious Cacique recipes to make now –Entomatadas, Shrimp & Crab Chile RellenoFiesta Salad, Taqueria Fish Tacos, and Capirotada.

Gather the family on a meatless Friday for yummy Entomatadas with Queso Fresco and Homestyle Salsa (start with Mild spiciness but have Hot salsa available for those who want a little pick-me-up).

On a following Lenten Friday, try these lip-smacking Shrimp & Crab Chile Rellenos with Queso Fresco and Crema –the perfect home-cooking comfort food for Lent.

The Fiesta Salad with Queso & Crema is a divine choice, too. Rejoice in the dialed-up flavor of roasted corn and a splash of lime to contrast the buttery Crema.

Of course, Lent is a time to highlight fish too. So, our sensational Taqueria Fish Tacos with Homestyle Salsa are favorites (year-round). Battered, fried, and crunchy, their goodness is a family and friend’s favorite.

And the perennial classic, some families even reserve this dish as a grand finale of sorts, Mexican Capirotada with Queso Fresco & Crema Mexicana. Sweet and savory and packed with meaningful flavor.


Who practices Lent?

Catholics predominantly observe it, though Christians of all denominations also observe Lent. Increasingly, secular people also participate in Lent –fasting from social media and being more mindful (think: 40 days of meditation, improving their fitness or mental wellness, a spiritual cleanse, etc.).

Now you know the Lent essentials.

Also know that however people choose to observe the Lent season, Cacique honors the practice of getting together with family and friends and eating respectfully to strengthen their faith. Cacique: authentic, delicious, sincere.